Commercial Standby Generator in Cupertino

Implementing a commercial standby generator is the best way to keep your Cupertino investment, clients, and employees safe and thoroughly comfortable during unexpended outages and breaks in your regular power source. Quanten Electrical Contractor, Inc. responds to your individual needs. Whether you are an industrial company, commercial business or institution, we create customized design and install plans that keep the lights on, and all critical systems running—without crushing your bottom line.

Top Quality Commercial Generators

There are a number of things to consider before choosing a standby generator. The location, expected load capacity, and power source are just some of the factors our expert technicians analyze when engineering the perfect electric backup generator for your premises. We supply top brands and high-quality commercial generators of all sizes powered by propane, gas, bi-fuel, diesel, and natural gas. Allow us to assess your electrical infrastructure (at no charge) to provide a comprehensive estimate on how our generator backup systems can add value, safety, and peace of mind to your organization. Here is a short list of just some of the benefits you’ll experience from working with us, right away:

  1. Upfront estimates and no hidden charges.
  2. Quality craftsmanship, products, and guaranteed installation perfection.
  3. Deep knowledge of and strict adherence to electrical code.
  4. Licensing, bonding, and insurance for every hand selected technical expert on our staff.
  5. Value-driven pricing.
  6. A focus on energy savings.
  7. Fixed start and finish dates.
  8. Scheduling flexibility to reduce downtime.
  9. Solutions tailored to you.

How an Emergency Backup Generator Gets to Work Right Away

Your staff are going about their regular duties and the lights suddenly go out. All work stations have powered down, and it’s dark. What’s going to happen next? Low visibility makes it difficult for your people to move around safely and the potential for accidents is on the rise. Without functioning communication systems like telephones and internet, precious time can pass before people start to figure out what has caused the outage, or how long it will take to be fixed. Then everyone is sent home and your clients are left hanging while your company suffers the loss of a total stop production.

Or, you can put in an emergency backup generator.  As soon as the transfer switch senses a loss or irregularity from your regular utilities, it kicks into action and switches all vital connections to your emergency backup, powering up machinery and making the lights come back on within just a few minutes. Here are some of the additional perks of standby generator installation:

  • You clients won’t be disappointed or inconvenienced
  • Vital systems will continue to run
  • Deadlines will not be delayed due to outages
  • Data will be protected from loss
  • Heating, cooling and refrigeration systems will remain functional

Generator Installation – Up to Code and Tested for Exceptional Performance

On your scheduled generator installation day, our team will arrive to your Cupertino worksite in fully loaded work vehicles, with all of the products, advanced tools, and high-tech gear we need to get the job done right. Once your system is installed, we’ll perform a number of checks and tests to make sure it in compliance with code and functions beautifully before we clean up our tools and leave your property in the same good condition we found it in.

Call Cupertino’s commercial standby generator experts today for more information on how we can add value and security to your current, and future energy management plans.