Electrical Retrofitting in Palo Alto

Doing business in Palo Alto means being able to respond to changes quickly, adapting the new technology, processes and infrastructure that will keep your business on the leading edge both now and into the future. Quanten Electrical Contractor, Inc. understands how important it is to keep energy management systems functioning in top condition. For a number of years, we have developed affordable electrical box refurbishment solutions that keep your company safe and in compliance, so you won’t have to face the considerable expense of a complete system re-wire.

During a free assessment, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your energy management goals and explore the unique infrastructure that powers your building. Whether you are an industrial, institutional or commercially based business, we are confident we have the training, experience, and innovative engineering that can connect you with the products and service that is the right fit for you. We guarantee:

  • A stress-free experience
  • Bonded, insured and licensed install technicians
  • Set start and completion dates
  • Energy efficient designs
  • Strict adherence to safety, electrical and building codes
  • Advanced tools and machinery that are well-maintained and ready to be put to work for you
  • Affordable rates and courteous service
  • Your complete satisfaction

Why Retrofit an Electrical Box?

You might want to retrofit an electrical box instead of undertaking a full replacement for several reasons. The first reasons are that a retrofit will significantly reduce the expense and downtime you will need to commit to upfront, allowing you to correct code compliance and safety issues fast. In addition to this, the risk of fires, electrocution, shocks, and damage to expensive machinery are threats that become real when an electrical box is overloaded, damaged or improperly installed the first time. Here are some of the early warning signals you will receive, and some other good indicators it’s time to take a closer look:

  • You are expanding your business or upgrading appliances
  • An outdoor electrical box has been damaged or needs to be recovered, maintained or fixed
  • The panel is making buzzing or crackling noises
  • Overheating
  • Machinery is not able to draw full power from the system
  • Dedicated or grounded outlets are needed for new machines
  • Breakers and panel components are rusty, corroded or damaged
  • A sub panel is needed
  • Surface-mount electrical box troubleshooting
  • A retrofit is necessary to satisfy changing or new insurance stipulations
  • A dedicated panel is needed for high-tech equipment like computers

Retrofit Electrical Box With Drywall Intact

Only an experienced professional with years of accumulated knowledge can guarantee success on a retrofit electrical box with drywall still intact. In Palo Alto, we are well known for this talent, and our ability to keep costs low with value-driven pricing. Why add more time and expense to your project by having to worry about fixing damage to the decor when you can hire the real pros who will be in and out without a scratch.

If your company is in or around Palo Alto, give us a call now. We look forward to setting up a free consultation to get to know the fine details of your commercial electrical retrofitting goals in person.