In Floor Heating in Santa Clara

Use or upgrade your current commercial heating infrastructure to increase the comfort of your Santa Clara clientele. Whether you are a commercial, industrial, or institutional business, Quanten Electrical Contractor, Inc. offers the comprehensive in-floor heating solutions you need to keep energy management and maintenance expenses low now, and in the long-term. We guarantee:

  • Licensed professional underfloor heating installers who are insured and bonded
  • Commitment to meeting and exceeding building code and high safety standards
  • Advanced tool and high-tech install equipment
  • Courteous and respectful technicians who work quickly
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Forward thinking, cost-saving engineering and design
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Value driven quotes

Radiant Floor Heating – Which System is Right for Your Business?

There are two main types of commercial radiant heat for flooring, these are electric, and hydronic. Selecting the right products and installation design is important to the overall value, productivity and versatility of your radiant floor heating. What works best for some is not as budget friendly of efficient for others. Our accredited consultants have decades of combined experience tailoring unique heated floors that match your vision exactly.

A radiant heating system is powered by your current or upgraded building heating infrastructure. We provide comprehensive options that allow us to retrofit your current boilers, water heaters and electrical heat sources, or to install stand alone water heaters to provide heat without interrupting your regular resources.

Cost-Efficient Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Businesses all over North America use electric radiant floor heating to provide a luxurious level of comfort to clients, renters, tenants, and stakeholders. It is inexpensive to engineer and install, and it comes in affordable options like wire mats, loose cabling and mesh mats that connect to your electrical systems and provide the warm, even level of heat you desire underfoot. We’ve streamlined electric underfloor heating installation, ask us about or guaranteed start and finish times and quick turnarounds.

Hot Water In-Floor Heating Significantly Cuts Energy Consumption and Heats the Whole Building

Hydronic radiant floor heating installation is a relatively newer technology that allows your organization to cut heating expenses versus electric heating, for your entire building. It works by installing PEX piping (which is flexible and extremely long lasting) under the floor material, or embedded into a self-settling substance. Once the tubes go in, they’re connected to a hot water source and controls are installed to make setting the temperature of your indoor environment easy and stress free. While it is more expensive and time consuming to implement upfront, over the long term, your energy management savings will be exponential compared to any system currently powered by electricity.

Underfloor Heating Installation – Precise and Professional Every Time

Whether you just intend to put heated tile floor in bathrooms and kitchens, or you would like to install a custom heated patio outside of your Santa Clara business, we have the tools, technology and highly trained staff who can make your vision a reality. Underfloor heating installation of any kind requires obtaining permits in advance, and greatly benefits from the skill of a licensed electrician who guarantees quality and longevity.

Book an appointment to consult with Santa Clara’s top rated in-floor heating company, at no cost to you. Call us now to discuss the specifics of your project and let us help you identify opportunity to save time and money.