Commercial Electrical Heating Palo Alto

In Palo Alto, it’s not always easy to find an electrician who puts your needs first. Quanten Electrical Contractor, Inc. strives to set the bar high, offering a full suite of commercial electrical heating solutions for businesses of every kind. Our recent experience has seen us partnered with offices, restaurants, healthcare facilities, manufacturing companies, retail stores, and many others.

Each commercial electrician on our team has been trained up to date in the latest safety and industry best practices. We guarantee:

  • A certified electrician who is friendly, knowledgeable and hardworking
  • A full arsenal of advanced, specialized tools and technology
  • Well-maintained work vehicles
  • Strict adherence to providing a safe environment for all
  • Transparent written estimates
  • Value-driven pricing that doesn’t change without notice
  • Quality craftsmanship that meets and exceeds building requirements and your high standards

Versatile Commercial Electrical Contractors

Each business is as unique as the work you do and the products you make which means your commercial electrical contractors are going to need to able to be flexible and work around your schedule. The depth of our decades of combined experience covers the following types of electrical installation, repair, maintenance, and inspection in detail:

  • Commercial HVAC systems
  • Condensing boilers
  • Central heating installation
  • Heat pumps
  • Electric heaters
  • Radiant heating
  • Furnaces – gas and oil
  • Steam heating devices
  • Fireplaces
  • Space heating
  • Generators
  • Air conditioners
  • Cooling systems
  • Ceiling fans

Comprehensive Free Estimate on Top Quality Heating Repair

When the heaters start blowing out cold air in the winter, employees and clients are affected immediately. Alternatively, HVACs and electric cooling systems that give off hot air in the summer are also noticeably bad for business. Don’t wait to take action and have a heating repair completed right away. A free, in person consultation allows you to get to know our electrician better so you can be sure we are on the same page with your goals. During this process, we’ll assess your current infrastructure and plans to discover ways to reduce expenses without cutting any corners.

Finding Problems is Easy - We Know Electric Heating and Cooling Inside and Out

In the old days, finding problems with wiring used to involve a lot of guess work that would leave holes in the walls of Palo Alto businesses. This was particularly rough if it took a long time for heating and electrical services to pin point the problem. Our accredited techs use thermal analysis devices to see through walls, ceilings, and flooring to find corrupt wiring, loose connection, and issues with heaters of all types fast. If you are experiencing any of the following issues with your electric heating and cooling, it’s important to have it looked at right away:

  • Vents are clogged
  • Thermostats don’t match room temperature
  • Strange noises are coming from heaters
  • Ignition or pilots aren’t working properly
  • Heating or cooling units are leaking
  • Heaters like furnaces are cycling at a higher frequency
  • Heat doesn’t turn on or off
  • Cold air is blowing through vents

Call Palo Alto’s top rated resource for commercial electrical heating solutions now. We’ll set you up with a free consultation and reliable start and finish times you can set your clock to.